The island of Astypalaia is the connecting “bridge” between the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands, as it features elements from both areas.
The crystal clear and tranquil bays along with the enchanting little villages, that adorn the island’s hilly and rocky landscape, immerse visitors into the vast blue expanse of the Aegean Sea and the island’s unspoilt beauty.
Astypalaia, with its brilliant white sugar cube houses, with shutters and doorways painted in blue and swathes of purple bougainvillea spilling over the walls, and bright white chapels, is a place rich in tradition and history, and an ideal spot for a tranquil holiday away from the crowds.
The island divides into two – Mesa Nisi (inner island) to the west and Exo Nisi (outer island) to the east, linked by a very narrow strip just 100m wide.

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